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CS50 Pset2 Readability Second Argument Not Compiling

#include<stdio.h> #include<math.h> #include<cs50.h> #include<ctype.h> //prototype for a custome function int letters, words, sentences(string text); int main(void) { // ...
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CS50 PSET2 code will not compile

I would appreciate any help that could be given with my code below (+ error codes below that): My code will not compile and the primary error apparently is an "undeclared identifier" refering to ...
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Resize does not compile

I wrote the code for Resize, saved it and compiled it. But it does not compile. Instead, it gives a super long error message. ~/workspace/pset4/resize/ $ make resize clang -fsanitize=integer -...
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ps3 fifteen move and won : error : control may reach end of non-void function [-Werror,-Wreturn-type] }

Im so close to finish fifteen. I have a mistake about syntax with the last } for my function Move() and Won(). Here the error message when I compile : fifteen.c:279:1: error: control may reach end of ...
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