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CS50 AI Crossword self.crossword.variables is not giving me all the variables in the problem

I finished my code for the this assignment however when I run it I get an error saying 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'i'. After observing the stack I saw that backtrack was calling itself ...
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pset5 speller how to only use 7.4 kb memory?

I found in the Big Board (Spring 2018) that some people only used 7.4 KB memory (as highlighted), while the dictionary contains 140k words. I don't understand how that's possible.
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Optimization: Should I make a new variable or reassign the old one?

I was hoping to get some opinions on the optimal solution for variable changes. In the resize project you have to change the BI and BF variables (height, width, biSizeImage, bfSize etc.). I changed ...
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Variable optimized out eventhough it will be used later

When trying to debug my implementation of server.c, asking gdb to print out the variable line results in a <optimized out>. (gdb) p line (gdb) <optimized out> After doing a bit of ...
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