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pset8 pickup unable to access the values of the shuttle.seats

shuttle.seats[j] = [{ name : PASSENGERS[i].name, house : PASSENGERS[i].house }]; For chart when I try to access the value of shuttle.seats[j].name I get the value as undefined....
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1 answer

Pset 8 pickup stuck in a loop

The following is my code for pickup. If I am not within 15 metres of a person then it is fine. If however I am, my session goes into an infinite loop. I can't see why, could someone please give me ...
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2 answers

Blank Google Earth plugin screen

After writing the pickup and chart functions, the CS50 Shuttle webpage becomes blank except for the title "CS50 Shuttle", the "Start Engine", "Pick Up" and "Drop Off" buttons and "no announcements at ...
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Cannot remove placemarks

I am stuck on trying to remove the placemarks after picking up a passenger. The problem is that I can keep adding the same passenger even though the placemark has been visually removed. I need help ...
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undefined is not a function

For pickup I used the following code structure. But when I load CS50 Shuttle, it keeps returning two errors. The first is in VM3931:12. The 4 digits after VM changes but it is always at line 12. The ...
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Pickup removes the placemark but student is still considered within range

My PSET8 function for Pickup seems to work perfectly except that I can pickup the same student multiple times. The way I understood it, once the placemark is removed, PASSENGERS.placemark for that ...
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marker position

I am working on pset8, and I am trying to implement pickup(). I have to find out if any of the passengers in PASSENGERS are closer than fifteen meters away. I currently have this if statement: if (...
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