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React native project 2, Failed to compile, Error: 'Support for the experimental syntax 'jsx' isn't currently enabled (7:7)'

I am hoping this is the right forum for this question I'm open correction... I got the above error prompt when opening cs50 react native project2 start code in expo web. In addition to the above the ...
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1 answer

Gedit bottom panel terminal plugin missing

I have researched for 3 days and can't find an answer. My Gedit is not showing the bottom panel terminal, and the bottom panel option in "view" is grayed out. I went to Edit > Preferences >Plugins, ...
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I can get the chrome plugin work, can I still get the certificate? [duplicate]

Chrome just doesn't cooperate. I googled a bit and it turns out this happened. If I skip this, will I be able to receive the CS50 certificate? If not, please SAVE me! How can I resolve this?
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Cannot load Google Earth Plugin

When I go to the webpage in a Chrome browser outside the appliance, there is a Google map of the Harvard area on the right, and a "Download the Google Earth Plugin" window on the left. I have ...
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