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Exception has occured: attempt to index a nil value (global 'love')

Could somebody explain this issue to me? I am trying to run a love2d program to start the game development course. I am on a Chromebook using the bash terminal provided by visual studio code. I copy ...
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I want help running the lua code for Pong, Flappy Bird, Breakout and more in Game Development

(NOTE: I am using a Windows 10 laptop for the course, and I use the CS50 IDE to write my code.) I really, REALLY do not understand how to run the lua code on the cs50 ide. I tried "lua main.lua&...
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Can't render correct font size and isDown movement in LOVE (Pong 3 - Paddle Movement update)

I was implementing Pong - 3 update (GD50) but got stuck in the paddle movement and font size rendering in LOVE. I cross checked the whole code from GD50 repo. On checking LOVE resources, I couldn't ...
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Pong Submission

I want to submit Pong from my PC since I have the code in VS, but I'm not sure how. I typed pip3 install submit50 in my cmd window, and got this: pip3 install submit50 Collecting submit50 ...
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How to make the pong programs in CS50 run using Visual Studio Code application? How do I compile the Lua code and run successfully?

I have Visual Studio Community as well as Visual Studio Code installed on my machine. I am operating under Windows 10. I do not see any directions on how to launch the various pong programs? Is it ...
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Pong assignment, using linux Mint

I am very new to the whole world of coding so I apologize for the novice questions. I have tried starting the Pong assignment and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to open the Pong that I ...
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