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Pset2 - Crack: How to iterate through all combinations of alphabet

Probably a silly question, but please bear with me as I'm pretty new to this. I'm stuck with Crack in Pset2. Can't wrap my head around how to go about iterating through all combinations of alphabet. ...
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cs50 pset2 crack

i have completed all the previous pset before crack without much trouble. i am not clear on how to link argv[1] with password and not clear either on what loop to use. neested loop or normal loops of ...
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crack, Different passwords produce the same HASH

i have a hard time understanding the crypt function and since there aren't any technical details of how it works out there, i tested it and i observed that it is producing the same hash for different ...
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Crack program compiles but appears stuck when executed

So I've looked up a few posts with similar issues and taking the advice of commenters I've put printf after every For loop to see where the program gets stuck. It was initially was printing one ...
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pset2 - crack - array declaration not working

I feel stupid, why is not printing "ROFL" in this program? I am testing for the crack.c program: #include <stdio.h> #include <cs50.h> //int main (int argc, string argv[]) int main (int ...
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Comparing the hashed version of different string to the provided hash.

I am badly struck at the Crack problem in pset2. I have an idea which uses 5 for loops, to check for all the possible variations of the alphabets. Considering a case where the password is only of ...
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command line arguments help to use them in the program

I'm not sure how to include the input from the command-line arguement. I try to set the arguments equal to variables, bu it's not working. #include <stdio.h> #include <cs50.h> int main(...
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Crack.c in PSet2 - is strcmp() necessary? & other questions

So I've been stuck on crack.c for two weeks now (not literally - I have a full time job too ha) and on top of having 50 questions about it, I just can't get my head round the solution! Basically I ...
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why do I get segmentation fault for crack problem,

It seems I get segmentation fault when I try to decrypt the passwords, I somehow thought my logic is right but it seems it's not working. I also get four warnings in using crypt function for implicit ...
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Pset2: Crack brute force, encryption part does not work

So I am trying to solve the password crack. I managed to create all possible 4 letter words with character from A to z. However the encryption using crypt does not always seem to work. I encrypted ...
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