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pset4 filter/more edge

My code compiles and run okay I does everything but when checking with check50 It shows error My code is : #include "helpers.h" #include <math.h> // Make a copy of array void ...
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pset4 filter (more) edge not passing check50

this is my code for Edge, and it's not passing check50. below are the errors I got. any help is appreciated. :( edges correctly filters middle pixel expected "210 150 60\n", not "28 202 ...
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When i run this code below, errors pop out error: like subscripted value is not an array, pointer, or vector edgeimage[i][j] = image[height][width];

void edges(int height, int width, RGBTRIPLE image[height][width]) { //Set temp image RGBTRIPLE *edgeimage = malloc((height + 1) * (width + 1) + 4); //RGBTRIPLE edgeimage[height][width]; //Go ...
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