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1 answer

pset6 Invalid output only with lowercase characters

I am porting caesar.c to python and am having a problem. The code below works for uppercase characters, for example 'A' outputs 'B' with a shift of 1. But lowercase characters, like 'a' with the ...
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1 answer

pset6 - caesar - check50 error: "expected exit code 1, not 0"

I scored the web after an answer, found it, but still doesn't work. My works fine, check50 shows me all happy faces except the last: :( handles lack of argv[1] expected exit code 1, not ...
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1 answer

caesar python 3 using ord and chr - help please

i m trying to use ord and chr, but there is no result at the prompt ? i guess it s something with chr because earlier i was having an error of that ciphertext wasnt an interger, suggesting me to use ...
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259 views (PSET 6) ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10

I converted my C code into Python, but keep getting this error: ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10. This is what my terminal is returning: $ python 3 hello Traceback (most ...
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