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How should rounding be handled in pset6 readability?

I'm struggling to understand what sort of rounding needs to be implemented to produce the grade in [pset6 readability][1]. For the Harry Potter extract provided ("Harry Potter was a highly ...
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Pset6 Readability wrong Grade [duplicate]

Adjusted code to see how many letters, sentences and words counted. Noticed word count is lesser by one from cs50 import get_string text = get_string("Text: ") letter = 0 word = 0 ...
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Pset 6 - Readability printing one grade off

I managed to translate readability from C to python, except it is printing one grade lower than what it is supposed to when testing. What am I missing here? """ 1) Ask user for phrase 2)...
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Cs50 pset6 math

I'm trying to run this code and everything complies but when I enter the text in it is giving me the wrong grade level. I believe it might be something in the math, but am still unsure. Here's my code:...
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I keep on getting index out of range?

from cs50 import get_string s = get_string("Text: ") letter = 0 i = 0 word = 1 sent = 0 while s[i] != None: if s[i] == ' ': word = word + 1 i = i + 1 elif (s[i].isalpha()): ...
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