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Recovered Codespace outdated

It would seem an outdated version of my codespace got recovered. I was finishing up CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Python a bit over 3 months ago and only my final project needed some more ...
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pset4 recover Segmentation Fault jpg000

Please can someone explain why I get a segmentation fault? The code below works for check50 but ideally I'd like to use the function write_header to write the first file. #include <stdio.h> #...
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code is free(): invalid pointer and Aborted, and I don't understand why

at first it worked. But i make style and add more coment and it was broken. It makes all images but in the end: free(): invalid pointer Aborted and i don't understand why. I rewrite code and all work....
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Week 4 - Recovery - Expected Exit Codes

I've run check50 and I get the following error message. :) recover.c exists. :) recover.c compiles. :) handles lack of forensic image :( recovers 000.jpg correctly expected exit code 0, not 1 :( ...
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CS50, pset4 recovery, partial recovery of one picture, inconsistent with debug

thank you for considering my question My code is capable of recovering one picture partially. When I open the picture I get maybe a fifth of the picture (someone sitting in a field, I only get up to ...
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pset4 Recover 049.jpg does not match, even though it opens correctly as an image

So, I've been struggling with this bug for a couple days now and can't seem to figure out how to fix it. I've also noticed that the final image file is WAY larger than any of the other jpg's my ...
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recover check50 gives "sorry, something's wrong! Let [email protected] know!

I have been able to get recover to extract the 50 pictures but when I check my code I get the following message. Connecting.... Authenticating......... GitHub username: easybeinggreen GitHub ...
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Recover.c finds 50 images, but images are incomplete

my recover.c runs and finds all 50 images, but the images are incomplete It seems like something is going wrong with how I'm reading the fat blocks or writing each image file, but I can't seem to ...
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Why data recovery isn’t an exact science?

I don't understand why it is said in Pset4 that "Odds are, if you find this pattern of four bytes on media known to store photos (e.g., my memory card), they demarcate the start of a JPEG. To be fair, ...
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