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Rendering a template with a basic code and the ip throws a 500 internal error

code from flask import Flask, render_template app = Flask(name) @app.route("/") def index(): return render_template("index.html") created a folder called template in the same folder where this ...
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Explain the syntax for function render in PSET 7

I don't completely understand this line of render. function render($view, $values = []) I know it passes two arguments, the second is an empty array that you can fill I think? I used this in 'Quote'...
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pset7 register.php and register_form.php how do they work with render() and extract()

I am among less comfortable and struggle with pset7. I will be grateful for your help and explanation on the following: Looking at View Source Page of as well ...
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Pset7 render() function and apology.php do I understand correctly?

Please, take a look at how I understand the render() function from helplers.php, called by the function apologize(). /** * Apologizes to user with message. */ function apologize($...
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pset 7, quote: quote.php doesn't render second view

My controller quote.php doesn't work properly. The first view is rendered correctly, but upon submitting a stock symbol (‘FREE’ like in the spec’s example) on this page, the page just reloads instead ...
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pset7 php generated html appearing above CS50 finance header

I'm working through pset 7, Every time I render and generate html in the controller it appears above the header on the generated page, I can't for the life of me get it to stop. here's to code. <...