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pset 6 - validate request-line - can't quite grasp how to proceed

I've been trying to solve the "validate request-line" in pset6, but there are some things that I don't understand well. Here is how I am interpreting the problem and the "what to do" explanations: ...
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absolute-path [ "?" query ]

Can you explain what this means: the only one of which your server needs to support is absolute-path [ "?" query ]. Does this mean thats the format of it? It would look like GET absolute-path [ "?" ...
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Parse problem [505] and no one can find the problem :O

This is my parse function: I keep getting a 505 error and I can't wrap my head around what is going wrong. Why can't my code figure out that the line is GET / HTTP/1.1 I hope someone could help me ...
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a question about(extracting queries and extensions in a request line )

I am trying to extract the query and the extension from request-line but i don't know what's the maximum length of a query and a file extension so that I can know the size of the char array to store ...
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