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When we free a dynamically allocated memory, what happens to the pointer pointing at it?

After watching section on "Dynamically allocated memory" (from Week 4) several times, I still have a question unanswered. Consider the following code- // Allocates 4 bytes of memory on heap and ...
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Problem from Section lesson "Function" but I have the following error message

When I compiled my code for the Section video titled, "Functions" where we were to make and define the function valid_triangle, the following error code was printed: triangle.c:15:9: error: expected ...
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Should I Watch the Sections and Walkthroughs?

I am starting CS50x and am wondering whether I should watch the Sections and Walkthroughs. Thanks!
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Swap initialised in Bubble sort

I watched the Section video in week 3 which discussed Bubble sort. I also watched the lectures and the shorts on it. I understand how it works, except for one bit. I'm confused on the below image from ...
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more comfortable sections

I'm doing cs50x, I've watched less comfortable section 1 and found it too basic for me. Then I found more comfortable section 1, completely different story, it filled many gaps in my knowledge which ...
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