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Segmentation fault with overwriting chars

I tried overwriting cipupperalphabet[j] from a A to a B, but it has caused a segmentation fault. string upperalphabet = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"; string cipupperalphabet = upperalphabet; int j = ...
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Pset 5: Segmentation fault in load function

I am not able to figure out what is causing the segmentation fault in my load function. Valgrind is pointing to fread and the lines where I have 'malloc'-ed memory, but more importantly to the line ...
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Pset4 Recover segmentation error

Help needed with recover part of pset4. Please find my code below. It compiles but produces a seg fault. Any comments are welcome. Thanks in advance. #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h&...
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CS50 pset5 unload trie segmentation fault

I am having problems with implementing unload. load works perfectly and I can use the check function. I have tried many ways of changing my code but it only creates an infinite loop and I have no idea ...
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Segmentation fault..Please Help

can anyone have a look at my code, find the problem and suggest improvements. im getting segmentation fault after calling 'check' function. typedef struct trie { bool word; struct trie* link[27];...
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I am blind. Can't find my error :(

I am trying to setup a server that can save some messages sent from a client. I took apart some code given in an example i found here. This is where I am now. Ive tried to change some stuff here ...
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Help with seg fault in pset5 speller

My speller seg faults at the space following the first word in whatever input text I use. Here is the gdb output for austinpowers.txt with the segfault just after reading the word AUSTIN: 107 ...
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Segfault in pset5 in load

My implementation of load uses a trie and when I attempt to access the bool is_word I get a segfault. Can you guys help me out? Any suggestions on how to improve my code would be amazing. Thanks ...
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pset4 recover.c sge fault cant find first jpg signature

Here is my code. I keep getting a segmentation fault while iterating over beginning of bufferArray[512] looking for the first jpg signature. Please help! I cant see what i've done wrong. Im trying to ...
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pset4 recover segfault: no such file/directory

My code seems to have trouble making the .jpg files in which to place the blocks of data. #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdint.h> uint8_t buffer[512]; uint8_t ...
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segfaults and delayed printf commands while using GWindow in loop

printf("%c.\n", (getText(precrmo_menu[3]))[0]); char input[3]; input[0] = (getText(precrmo_menu[3]))[0]; printf("we lived"); if (strcmp(input, "") != 0 && !isblank(input) && ...
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Segfault Pset6 Check()

I receive a segfault at this line of code if (pathCheck -> children[charVal] == NULL) { return false; } pseudocode buildup: initialise pathCheck to NULL while character is ...
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