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Specifications for pset 6 - Sentimental

For problem set 6 - sentimental, what are the exact specifications? Explanation of the question: While working on the first problems in this problem set, I made programs which could be checked with ...
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SPEED: python vs C crack program

I have implemented a python and c version of crack way back from problem set 2. Both of them work, and both use the same algorithms/processing just expressed in two different languages. Out of ...
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I have problems applying Credit in python

I try to translate my code from c to python. I review the code several times and I think that is equal, but the program don't works despite in c works prefectly. This is my implementation: """Know ...
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179 views Invalid Error

For Pset6 Sentimental/Credit, my code keeps showing a result of INVALID\n no matter what is passed in. Debug50 is not working in Python, so I was not able to work through the lines one by one. Any ...
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If statement unable to branch in Python

I am importing credit to python. Here in this part of the code, somehow the if condition never branches out. It is always true for the first condition and I always get AMEX as my output. The string ...
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Pset6 Sentimental Mario (more) check50 fails with correct output

My python code works correctly, outputting the appropriate number of spaces and #s to the terminal window, but it fails check50 for one test: :( rejects a height of 24, and then accepts a height of 2 ...
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Check does not like my spacing on Mario.sentimental. Is the program unwilling to print ' ' * 0 as no spaces?

I've run this in various configurations, when I remove excess spaces, it still prints out with a space at the beginning of each line. And the center spacing seems to be larger than check50 expects, ...
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