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Pset8: add marker, article links not clickable

I got through most of the portions into showInfo and was able to have the titles display and I am even able to get an underline that looks like a link, however, they are not clickable. Can someone ...
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CS50 Pset8: Final Questions before Wrap-Up

After pulling multiple allnighters I have finally submitted my last problem set before turning to the final project. I hope someone can shed some light on my last questions in regard to problem set 8 ...
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PSET8 Problem with infoWindow from addMarker() function

This is my code: function addMarker(place) { var opts = { position: {lat: parseFloat(place.latitude), lng: parseFloat(place.longitude)}, map: map, title: place.place_name ...
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mashup addMarker click event not working pset8

When I load mashup the markers' info box show up as the page loads and then won't respond to clicks. I can make it work by changing the code to the bottom (but that doesn't use the spec for making ...
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help needed on pset8, addMarker requirements

Finishing up pset8 and I'm having difficulties understanding exactly what is required (the instructions I find to be quite unclear particularly re addmarker). I assume that addmarker is to display ...
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pset8 - addMarker/showInfo - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property 'gm_bindings_'

It seems like I am really close to finishing my implementation of addMarker. I'm using markers with labels, I've got the articles loaded into an JSON object, and I've created the content to pass to ...
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How do the info window works in pset8, 2015

Finished though I have, still, there's a question in my head... Why do we put an event listener of clicking the marker in the "addMarker" function instead of in the "configure" function? When we ...
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