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1 answer

Sort_pairs fails check50 tideman

My sort_pairs function fails the check50 **:( sort_pairs sorts pairs of candidates by margin of victory ** test however it passes the usage case given on the CS50 website. In the pair type def, I ...
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1 answer

Pset3 Tideman: Why is my sort_pairs function not working?

I'm green on all the criteria before sort_pair. Here's my code so far: // Sort pairs in decreasing order by strength of victory void sort_pairs(void) { // TODO // Create array of strengths of ...
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0 votes
1 answer

sort_pairs function not working as per check50

This seems to be a common problem where the check50 program indicates a problem with the sort_pairs function. Here was my implementation of that function: int w; int l; int w1; int l1; for (int i=0; ...
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Pset3: Tideman - Sort_pairs function

I am trying to solve sort_pairs by including a property - int winsize - into the struct of pair. The new pair struct is: typedef struct { int winner; int loser; int winsize; } pair; I ...
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