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pset7 buy - ON DUPLICATE KEY syntax question

I'm on pset7 buy, and I just need some explanation on how the ON DUPLICATE KEY syntax is supposed to look (at least I assume that's the issue). Btw, id and symbol are both unique keys in my portfolio ...
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Final project SQL Error: execute() takes 2 positional arguments but 3 were given

EDITED I am working on a conversion table website as my final project. I am using a base unit multiplier to convert one unit to the other. So for example centimeter to yard would look like this. ...
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pset7 finance register sql

I've been working on the register part of the finance problem and I think I have most of it but I really don't understand how to do the SQL parts of it. I need to learn how to store the username and ...
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Can a select return nothing without causing an error? How do I create a if condition that returns True if the database is empty?

I posted my code in another post I have made a lot of revisions. Kind of irrelevant but just thought I should mention it if someone goes through my last post. I have a select statement. Lets say my ...