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hello fellow cs50 classmates and staff

I just joined cs50 through, mainly because it was a self paced class but clearly i overlooked the dates, but seeing how it still allowed me to sign up i feel like maybe i'm glossing over some ...
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Technical Problem - I am not able to submit any of my psets

STAFF I have not been able to submit any of the assignment despite having registered for the course. I keep getting this error. Connecting....... Authenticating...... GitHub username: cotieno1 GitHub ...
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PSET6 Cannot Run Staff implementation from IDE

I have just started pset6 and i am trying to run staff's implementation. However I am getting error as shown in picture below. Kindly suggest the fix. Thanks ~/workspace/ $ cd /home/cs50 /home/cs50/ $...
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cannot choose the right language transcript

I'm not been able to choose English in the transcripts of the videos. This wasn't a problem till a couple of days ago, when I wanted to turn on the transcripts, I could choose between different ...
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cannot open staff's solution in the pset4 spec

how can i open the staff's solution ~cs50/pset3/breakout/breakout After i type the above into jharvard@appliance (~): ~cs50/pset3/breakout/breakout then a white window instead of the windows with ...
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