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RuntimeError: near ",": syntax error

I'm struggling with my final project. I try to query database for income items ( in "income" table) to sum them up finally, but each time I get the syntax error. The funny thing is that it ...
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CS50 2018 Lecture 1C. Unable to figure out syntax error in code

My code : #include <stdio.h> #include <cs50.h> int get_positive_int(string prompt); int main(void) { int i = get_positive_int("Positive interegr: "); printf("%i\n", i); } int ...
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cs50 pset 1 greedy algorithm

#include <cs50.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> int main(void) { float y; do { y = get_float("Change: "); } while (y < 0); printf("%f\n", y * 100); ...
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pset 7 survey: trying to redirect to /sheet returns invalid syntax error

For part of CS50's survey problem from pset7, I'm supposed to redirect from a route that checks if the user has entered in all the survey's fields / appends the values to a csv file --> a route that ...
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Syntax error: newline unexpected

I'm still working on the cs50 application (it's still 2015 right?) and got a problem with pset6. Basically I am getting a Syntax Error: /path/to/hello.html: 2: /path/to/hello.html: Syntax error: ...
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Error: function definition is not allow here What error is this?

main.c:10:24: error: function definition is not allowed here int read( int a[9][9]){ ^ main.c:36:24: error: function definition is not allowed here void show(int a[9][9]){ ^ main.c:58:24: error: ...
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