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Help pls pset4 - recover the checkl says To do

My code is here : It fails the last 2 point of the checklist. For the middle files and last file it says to do. I can't figure ...
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Pset4 recover - check50's TODO

I completed Pset4 recover, all 50 jpg are extracted, each file starting with FFD8FFE* (yes, I included all possible 0xF cases) and ending with 0xFFD9 without padding.. ~/workspace/pset4/jpg $ ll *jpg ...
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1 answer

pset6: what does check50 “TODO” error mean?

When I run ./server, it seems all working good. All files in root been opend correctly. But when I checking my code with Check50, it show me errors "TODO". It can be seen in the screenshot. What does ...