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Converting an array to lowercase

I am trying to convert an array to lowercase, and store the values as a new array. #include <cs50.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <ctype.h> int main(int argc, string argv[]) { ...
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Speller skips first word in dictionary

After chasing down and eliminating memory leaks, I think I am getting close to finishing speller. So far, valgrind says no memory leaks, and the output is formatted correctly. However, when running my ...
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PSet2 / Substitution

I am trying to make an upper case key and a lower case key of the one typed by the user but when I use the toupper and tolower functions they turn all my chars into lower or upper. Not just the one I ...
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pset2 vigenere case

everyone, I have been having trouble making vigenere encipher BaRFoo correctly when the key is BaZ. I kept getting the following error: "\ expected output, but not "CaQGoh\n"," which suggests to me ...
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Pset5 trie problem with load: persisting segmentation fault

I read lot of questions and answers about the "load"segmentation errors in pset5 but I still experience some difficulties fixing it. I tried to make sure there are no garbage values by initializing ...
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