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toupper not executing

I am working my way through approaching the scrabble problem from PSET2. Right now I just want to focus on getting all my string inputs transferred over to uppercase and then having their values ...
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2 answers

PSet2 / Substitution

I am trying to make an upper case key and a lower case key of the one typed by the user but when I use the toupper and tolower functions they turn all my chars into lower or upper. Not just the one I ...
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Pset 2 vigenere uppercase the cipher

So Im trying to make the cipher uppercase the cipher. I think that'll save a lot of hassle with if isupper else blah blah. So I made a function int uppercase(string a); int uppercase(string a) { ...
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pset2 vigenere case

everyone, I have been having trouble making vigenere encipher BaRFoo correctly when the key is BaZ. I kept getting the following error: "\ expected output, but not "CaQGoh\n"," which suggests to me ...
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vigenere use toupper on key, save in new string

I'd like to loop through the characters in the keyword, transfer them to upper case, subtract by 65, and store in a new string in order to get the values that the letters need to be rotated by. I've ...