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CS50 Pset4 Logic Problem

I am 3 days into PSET 4 Recover. In PSET 4 we are supposed to create a program which inputs a memory card and scans through that memory card for the signatures of lost JPEG files. Once the header of a ...
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Declaring a typedef struct for linked list

In Lecture 4, David uses this to declare a node struct: typedef struct node { int n; struct node *next; } node; However, in shorts after Lecture 4, Doug explicitly tells us that when ...
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Help in linked datastructure

I have tried to rewrite what David said in the lekture, but cant print out my values and do not know how. I have tried to make a for look but didnt work either. #include <stdlib.h> #...
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What does `typedef struct GWindowCDT* GWindow` mean?

I'm little confused about the syntax of typedefs. Can anybody tell me what these lines of code mean typedef struct GWindowCDT *GWindow; typedef void *GObject;
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Why redefining `bool` primitives in 'SPL' as a typedef (rather than using stdbool.h)?

While reading through files included in /spl library (Stanford Portable Code), downloaded with distro, I came across this definitions in cslib.h: /* * Type: bool * ---------- * This type ...
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typedef struct vs. struct

Is there a practical difference between: typedef struct { float x; float y; } Point; Point origin = {0.0, 0.0}; struct Point { float x; float y; } struct Point origin = {0.0, 0.0}...
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