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bash: check50: command not found

This is how I checked using Ubuntu whether or not the check50 and submit50 commands were already installed. However, in my Visual Studio Code the commands are still not found. What should I do? It has ...
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Submit50 Could not connect to GitHub

Whenever I try to submit a problem, I get this error: Connecting.......... Could not connect to GitHub, it seems you are offline. Submission cancelled. What I did : First I create Virtual ...
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CS50.h library in ubuntu

every time i create program i have to write "clang prog.c -o prog lcs50" link with cs50 but when I try "make prog" it prints following error: /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/cc8noHLN.o: in ...
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cs50web socketio : broadcast does not include the sender

I work on ubuntu 18.04. I set up a virtual environment so that I am sure to work with python3 according to the instructions found here:
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check50 and submit50 commands not found

I am opening cs50 after a few months and after trying update50, this is the message I'm getting at my command line: ~/workspace/pset1/ $ check50 cs50/2017/x/hello ...
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Ubuntu password required when starting apache 50 - pset7

Up until now the apache50 in de CS50 IDE was running perfectly. Suddenly when I want to start apache50 the message: [sudo] password for ubuntu: is shown in the terminal. What password should I enter ...
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Setting up clang on ubuntu pc

I am using CS50 appliance to do psets but since I have a laptop with ubuntu on it, I would like to set up a similar environment to the cs50 in my laptop, starting with clang, and the C libraries that ...
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Can't make @, [] etc in appliance

I cant make the @, [] etc in the appliance. I have a swedish keyboard on a MacBook Air from 2013. Any ideas? I have tried back and forth in the appliance's keyboard settings but can't really get it ...
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Compiling pset3 breakout on my native ubuntu

I want to run the breakout game on my native ubuntu. I tried installing the SPL files and making certain changes to the Makefile. But it's still not compiling. Has anyone else got it to work?
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ubuntu frozen at reboot

I've been using CS50 for 2 weeks with no problem until now. I hit restart in Ubuntu and now it's stuck at boot screen at "Restoring resolver state..." I've try'd waiting, hitting command Q or command ...
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Error: Gedit not opening on VirtualBox Ubuntu 14.04

I recently downloaded VirtualBox and imported the CS50x Appliance. I am unable to open gedit and receive the below error message, included as a screen shot. If someone can assist me on what I should ...
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Latest version of Check50

I've been having some issues with the appliance and want to emulate the environment on my Ubuntu 14.10 box. I have cs50.h working fine but would like to have check50 installed as well. I've followed ...
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No Dropbox icon

At the end of the set up of Dropbox within the appliance and creation of an account as indicated in Step 4 , -a there was no check box next to " Open my Dropbox folder " button and no Dropbox icon ...
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Compile using make without the appliance in Kubuntu

I want to change the default options of make to be like the appliance one. I have installed clang and the cs50.h library but right now I compile the programs using clang hello_world.c -lcs50 -o ...
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Failed to open a session of vrtual machine, Non existent host networking interface name "VER_INTERNAL_ERROR"

I am getting this message when I try to start the CS50 appliance on Ubuntu 14.04: Failed to open a session of vrtual machine, Non existent host networking interface name "VER_INTERNAL_ERROR" I am ...
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How to Install the Tools for the Course on Ubuntu

As per the question I have had nothing but trouble trying to use the virtual versions of the cs50 software, namely the virtual machine crashes runs slowly or just generally feels like my fingernails ...
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