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How do I combine variables and words in a sentance?

printf("%i\n", quarters, "quarters,", "%i\n", dimes, "dimes,", "%i\n", nickels, "nickels", "%i\n", pennies, "pennies.");...
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pointers and addresses

int m=10; int *ab=&m; printf("address of *ab:%p\n",&*ab); printf("adress of ab:%p\n",&ab); output: address of *ab:0x7ffd85fddefc adress of ab:0x7ffd85fddf00 i ...
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Problem with pointers, getting seg fault while indexing with variable instead of plain number

I would like to ask why is that giving me seg fault. int **a = (int**) malloc (sizeof(int*) * 3); a[0][0] = 1; a[0][1] = 2; a[0][2] = 3; for(int i = 0; i < 3; i++) { printf("%d",...
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Issue Initializing variable

I hope someone can help clear this up for me. If I use this I get an error: int i = GetInt(); I get an error... but if I ...
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Error Message while doing Greedy for declared variable

greedy.c:8:7: note: previous definition is here int i; This variable has been declared and used and I am getting this error message. If I remove the declared variable then it tells me I didn't ...
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pset1 mario Initializing for loop from GetInt

I'm running the Mario program and I have everything working except the correct count, which I can fix. The only issue I'm having is a syntactical one. I'm tying to initialize the "for loop" with the ...
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