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A "virtual machine" is a program you install on your own "host" computer to enable the installation of a "guest" operating system.

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OSX Yosemite Beta does not support VMware Fusion

I have a Macbook Pro running OSX Yosemite Beta. I tried running my previously working version of VMware Fusion on this but it says the current operating system does not support VMware Fusion! Can ...
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Difficulties with Virtual Machine (read-only)

I had zero programming knowledge before taking CS50 and worked my way up to pset3. While I was working on it today, I encountered some huge difficulties. Suddendly, I wasn't able to work on my files ...
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VMware causing disk swap?

I know that it is not completely related to the course but I noticed something strange after I installed the VM to run the appliance. I have inexplicable missing space from /C: without the VM being ...
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appliance50-19-vmware.ova --- The import failed because man did not pass

Please help. Unable to get started on cs50 Problem Set 32 bit Ubuntu 14.04, 2.66 GHz, memory-2 GB, disk-500 GB VMware player 6.0.3 * Error while installation of appliance50-19-vmware.ova The ...
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Failed to install NTCreateSection error when installing VirtualBox and the CS50 appliance

I've been trying to install VirtualBox and the CS50 appliance on my laptop with no success it keeps sending an error message. I have a HP computer running Windows 7. The error message says: failed ...
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When setting up VMWare Fusion, should I choose "Install from disc or image" or "Import an existing PC?"

I am trying to install the virtual machine on a Mac with OS X 10.9 (Mavericks). I entered the serial number but now it is asking for me to select an installation method. I don't know what to do here. ...
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Lost files when using Power Off option in the appliance

I appear to have lost all my working files by inadvertently using Power Off option instead of suspend option of the VMware virtual machine and CS50-19 version of Appliance. Is there any way to recover ...
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Can't run CS50 version 19 using VMWare Player - The file is too large

I have installed VMware Player on my Windows 7 machine and when trying to run the CS50 appliance 19 I get the following error: VMware Player cannot open one of the virtual disks needed by this VM ...
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