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bash: check50: command not found

This is how I checked using Ubuntu whether or not the check50 and submit50 commands were already installed. However, in my Visual Studio Code the commands are still not found. What should I do? It has ...
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Pset1/ cash without creating functions

Why should we create function, while we can do the same thing in a simpler method. the number checks worked correctly but when I tried check5o, it got me the yellow face. Also I am so confused, when ...
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Why isn't cs50.h being recognized by visual studio 2022 community edition

I had been following the videos recently until I happened to stumble upon an issue with visual studio code, thus I decided to change to visual studio, I was able to get past the first step of making ...
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I can't push refs to github even by force pushing

I am finishing week 7 of CS50x 2022 but there is a problem. I have done both problem sets of week 7, Movies and Fiftyville, and submitted them successfully. But the problem is with creating their ...
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Codespace for CS50 it´s not working properly: "Rebuild Container"

When I try to enter "" this is the message appears. Once inside, I cant run commands like "make" and it seems thats because "codespace is running in recovery mode&...
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How can I get the cs50.h to run in Visual Studio Code?

I downloaded both the cs50.c and cs50.h files from GitHub and put them in the folder where all the header files are. VSC even recognizes the #include <cs50.h> in the code but I get the error in ...
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Using submit50 on VSCode

I'm doing CS50 AI and as a result been using submit50 in VSCode via the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Until I updated my IDE to the April update, submit50 used to ask my GitHub username and password in ...
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Visual Studio C#: Picture box doesn't show

I am currently doing my final project. My game is supposed to shoot out a fireball whenever the spacebar is pressed and the wall in front of it gets destroyed. It works, when the spacebar is pressed, ...
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How to Install Stanford CPP Library for Windows (Visual Studio)?

I am using Visual Studio on windows and would like to use Stanford CPP library. Can anyone tell me what is the standard method to include the library header files to run for my visual studio project? ...
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Problem including cs50.h with Visual Studio 2013

I use the cs50 app and VS2013. Of course, all is well with the cs50 app (since it is designed to be) but when I use VS2013 to code, any functions I use from cs50.h produce an error that looks like ...
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Can I run C code in visual studio 2012?

I'm used to the development environment in visual studio. I was wondering if it would be alright if I ran the problem sets and examples in visual studio? I believe VS does support C but I'm not ...
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