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VMware Fusion Product Key

I have downloaded VMware Fusion and more or less followed all the instructions provided, yet I could not locate the product key to activate the software. Does anyone know where I could find it?
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How do I give the VMware Fusion window on my OS X desktop more resolution?

If I enlarge the VMware window it just makes the window blowup with same effective resolution (very few lines and characters when editing the program files). Been through all the VMware ...
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2 answers

How do I register VMware Fusion when installing the CS50 appliance?

I received a link from CS50 Bot to download the CS50 Appliance and after clicking download it asked me to register VMware Fusion. It asks me for the company name, is this where I put John Harvard's ...
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VMware Fusion Compatibility with OSX Snow Leopard

I have MacOS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) and it seems VMware Fusion 6 is not compatible with it. Do you know where I can find VMware Fusion 5 and get a free license for it? Will I be able to use CS50 ...
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VMware Fusion serial number doesn't work (Mac-user)

My serial number for downloading the 365-day trail of VMware Fusion doesn't work. Here's what I tried so far: I emailed and I got an email in return with a serial number and ...
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When setting up VMWare Fusion, should I choose "Install from disc or image" or "Import an existing PC?"

I am trying to install the virtual machine on a Mac with OS X 10.9 (Mavericks). I entered the serial number but now it is asking for me to select an installation method. I don't know what to do here. ...
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When does the VMware Fusion license period start and end?

When does the VMware Fusion license start for the 365 day period and when does it end? Does it start on Jan 1 or from the day I installed it?
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OSX Yosemite Beta does not support VMware Fusion

I have a Macbook Pro running OSX Yosemite Beta. I tried running my previously working version of VMware Fusion on this but it says the current operating system does not support VMware Fusion! Can ...
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Can I get a new license for VMware Fusion?

I have an expired VMware Fusion license from last year. Can I get a new license? Do I have to pay for one?
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Downloading VMware on Mac, not according to instructions!

I'm new on this, and TOTALLY new to the world of programming I'm trying to download VMware Fusion and I'm using a Macbook Pro. I'm taking this course online through edX. I've emailed the centre and ...