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DNA Week 6 | Issues

I have been working on this DNA problem for a while now, and I do not understand what causes the many problems. Right now there are just some technical problems, for example saying "No match"...
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CS50 DNA prints "No match"

My pset has some issues,can you please tell me what do i have to change in the main function in order to print name of longest DNA matched person. import csv import sys def main(): # TODO: Check for ...
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Error in Python--Cs50 week 6

I'm just starting cs50's week 6 in python. I copied a small program written by David in the lecture to run in my cs50 IDE, but I'm getting a strange error. I believe the error is about the get_string ...
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Can anyone explain this chart from the "dynamic programming" lecture in a different way?

I'm having trouble understanding how this table is constructed. A little before this point in the lecture, we get to take a look at this table. However, he explains the table by basically trying to ...
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Traceroute command showing error as "send: Operation not permitted"

"traceroute " is showing error I am using cloud9 web IDE and behind a corporate firewall But I guess, this won't be an issue. How can I fix this ?
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403 Forbidden - When Trying To Access HTML

In the first HTML lecture, Malan gives instructions on accessing an html page in the CS50 IDE as an external user. I ran update50. I started the apache50 server successfully. I tried to access my ...
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Pset5 speller.c

I had a few questions in speller.c that I didn't fully understand. First, why does it include #undef getrusage if it never redefines it? Maybe i'm not fully understanding undef. And also. for: /...
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Ports and Files

In Week 6 lectures where we first learn about computer networks, we learnt about ports. David said that the ports tell the listening computer what type of file it is, e.g. port 80 for HTTP, 25 for ...
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