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PSET6 2016 - Says all is neutral

In analyze, shouldn't you use self.positives, and not open the files again? Now to the real problems: .lstrip(" ") does not remove the line break at the end of the line, you could use .strip() ...
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Returning to cs50 2017

That can be solved by restarting the IDE. In the menu CS50 IDE > Restart
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Where to start in addMarker() function?

Observe the function signature: function addMarker(place). place is received as an argument. addMarker is called in a loop from the update function. You only need to add a marker for the place ...
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Pset6 - Greedy to python - while loop not restarting && float issues

while True: print ("Enter dollar amount: ", end="") change = cs50.get_float() if change < 0: print ("Invalid!") break break Your main idea ...

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