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In analyze, shouldn't you use self.positives, and not open the files again? Now to the real problems: .lstrip(" ") does not remove the line break at the end of the line, you could use .strip() instead to remove all kinds of whitespace at both ends.


That can be solved by restarting the IDE. In the menu CS50 IDE > Restart


Observe the function signature: function addMarker(place). place is received as an argument. addMarker is called in a loop from the update function. You only need to add a marker for the place received as an argument.


while True: print ("Enter dollar amount: ", end="") change = cs50.get_float() if change < 0: print ("Invalid!") break break Your main idea is right. Your pseudocode is correct, too. The problem is here: if change < 0: You want the code to exit when you have a positive value. This statement ...

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