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Perhaps if you renamed your file from cEAsar to cAEsar, it might work. (note that the upper case letters are to draw your attention to the misspelled name. make it all lower case.)


& is the reference operator, which returns the actual address in memory of a value. Here, the function declaration is asking to be passed the addresses in memory of an int and a float, rather than the values of an int and a float. The main difference in practice is that this allows the function to modify the original variables passed to it. It is similar ...


This question is nearly impossible to answer without context. It all depends on what number represents and how it's being used. Having said that, one thing comes to mind. Say that number is being used to count through a list of some kind and the numbers run from 1 to 5. Now, you have this array, called counts. Arrays are numbered starting at 0, not 1. So, ...

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