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The shortcut Ctrl + L should do the job either.


"Find"->"Replace" (or the corresponding Ctrl+H or Alt+Shift+F) would come close, performing simple text replacement. It has modes for matching whole words only, or using regular expressions.


If you're using macOS you have to use ⌘ + k instead of the ctrl + k command which was suggested by a few other users :)


clear word is used to clear the contents in the terminal window, although it does not literally clear things, scroll up to see the previous things inside the terminal.


"after I press Run." This doesn't sound like you are using the CS50 IDE ( Or, if you are, you may not have created it using the CS50 template. If you think that's the case, here are instructions


apropos is a commad to search for the appropiate command, for example apropos network will give you a list of commands related to that topic Other commands of interest are man, which and whereis Always read the man page of any command to know more about it.


"man man" will get you to the reference manuals and you can type "man (page you want)" to get more information on references. Happy coding :)


Some of the "Shorts" in Week 0 and Week 1 dip a little into this (not much!) but they do provide a little insight into where you can go and do further research to find out the answers you may be looking for. Particularly, you can view the manual pages for whatever you are looking for in c. For example if you want to see the man page for the function printf, ...


If you want the screen to be cleared literally and want to keep the history of the commands too, then better use reset command.

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