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Pset2 - Receiving different outputs each time I run my code- Vigenere.c

When encrypt[n] is declared, it doesn't allow for the end of string marker at the end. Also, the end of string marker is never added to the string, so when it is printed at the end of the program, ...
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i always get the output proper but check50 shows error pls help!

It looks like you left a debugging printf here printf("%c",curr_key);. The "thing" that is printing is a Unicode 1. And it's only printing when the key "resets" to 0. Since all the tests use b/B as ...
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Please correct my mistakes in my vigenere code

Don't be scared by the number of errors, fixing them one by one quickly reduces the number. If you are unsure about how to use a feature, search it in the CS50 reference or on the internet. It's ...
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