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Final Project - request.form.get() returns a None type

Suggestion: validate your register.html with Nu Html Checker. (Right-click, view source, copy, paste into the checker). It should complain about the typo in this line <input type="email" class="...
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How to change cs50x enrollment on my XID account?

You don't need an XID account for CS50x. You just need an Edx account to enroll in the course, which will also serve as your CS50 Submit authentication. The only deadline for the 2015 offering of the ...
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adminer.cs50.net Not working

I am also having issues with logging into Adminer. There are also individuals with the same problem within this Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/cs50/comments/gjqnqy/...
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Cant access CS50

I understand the risks -> Add an exception

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