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cs50web switch from submit50 to me50?

You're correct that the submission process changed in late July. All of your old submissions can be seen here: and new submissions here: Both groups of ...
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Flask Sessions Not Working

Try setting the first conditional in your index function to: if session.get("notes") is None: This way you will only reset the session's collection of notes when it actually did not yet exist. At ...
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CS50W Project Wiki search function

I know this is late but if it helps somebody. The issue in your code is indentation. The moment the loop find the first matching substring it renders the page. Left indenting it by two levels should ...
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Help with Search Bar - Wiki Project1 CS50 Web Django

Nevermind, I have been able to figure it out. I had to use a GET request.
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CS50W Django Project1 Wiki - Textarea issue

I hit the same issue and found the solution. I thought I'd post it here in case others hit the same problem. The solution is here:
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Problem with commas in psql

If a comma appears, it defines a separation between values. However, if a string is contained in quotes, any commas inside the string is treated as part of the string and not as a delimiter. Try ...
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CS50_Web ORMs,APIs_ lecture 4, - Understanding Classes, Objects, Functions and Lists

passengers is a list of Passenger objects, therefore print(self.passengers) is printing a list of Passenger objects. This print(self.passengers.flight_id) would fail because self.passengers is a list ...
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