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I Started cs50x in jan 2016, can I pay for and continue it in 2017?

You can complete the course anytime and you codes will stay there in ide or with you.The deadline in gradebook is for students in Harvard and not for taking course on edx so you can pay and complete ...
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If I completed 2016 Pset6 After Deadline, Does It Still Count?

From the Edx FAQs: any scores you received on past years' problem sets will (soon) be imported into CS50x 2017. (We’re still updating CS50x 2017’s gradebook.) However, moving forward, you must ...
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Submit page tells me that my submission is late

The 2016 course deadline has passed. The 2017 submissions haven't opened yet. But you don't have to resubmit any psets that have already been graded, as your gradebook will carry over to the 2017 ...
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hello fellow cs50 classmates and staff

Starting now and trying to meet the deadline will be very difficult. I am currently on week 7 (pset5) and it's going to be tight for me. The deadline to submit all your problem sets(psets) and final ...
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