Please note I haven't validated this with testing and have only glanced at your code, but one thing that stands out to me: round((float) (sum_blue / pixel_type)) Remember operator precedence here: the division will be performed first (as it is inside parentheses). At this point both values are integers so integer division will be performed and the remainder ...


This happens because the code is attempting to access an array element outside the bounds of the array. Remember that when an array is allocated a size of, say 5, the elements will run from 0 to 4. Height and width are array SIZES, so they each exceed the maximum allowable values by 1. As for the for loop that the code is using to initialize the array, I ...


Two problems with your code: First: The group of int variables 'sumRedx, sumGreenx' etc need to be declared before using them. As they are now, the code won't compile. Second: There is a misspell in your 'gx' array.

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