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Infinite looping in hacker 1 - water

I like that you don't want to use CS50's tools and use tools that you are going to have available everywhere outside of CS50. I was reviewing your code. I tried to solve it with a fflush(stdin) line, ...
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credit.c frustration

1- converting longlong to int causes imprecision since int store 4bytes(32bits) and longlong store 8bytes(64bits) of intger values so you don't need int or float(for floating point numbers) which both ...
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1 vote

PSET 1 Hacker Mario

I had the exact same issue. The output looks correct but it is not. Just ask yourself if you really need what you called "spaces2"
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1 vote

Credit Card Test Confusion

Taking the first one through the example in the spec: 3 7 1 4 4 9 6 3 5 3 9 8 4 3 1 Okay, let’s multiply each of the underlined bold digits by 2 7*2 + 4*2 + 9*2 + 3*2 + 3*2 + 8*2 + 3*2 That ...
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What is wrong with my hacker mario.c code for pset1?

I would pick small numbers for h (e.g., 1 and 2), determine what the expected results should look like and follow the logic of my code using a pencil and a paper. for example, when h == 1, I should ...
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