First of all, welcome to CS50! :) To add to NullityNull's good advice, it looks to me like you probably have more than one copy of hello.c, probably in different directories. The one you are trying to compile is ~/workspace/hello.c. Do you have another copy of this file in the ~/workspace/pset1 directory? You can help us to see this by sharing the output of ...


First, make sure you are in the same directory that the program is in and you can check if so by typing 'ls' into the console. Another thing to do is make sure you named the file 'hello.c'. that little file extension is crucial in determining whether the IDE should use the C compiler on it. If you checked yes to any of those, then I don't know what to tell ...


you are not in the correct directory, you must move to .c9 doing: cd .c9 your terminal should look similar to ~/workspace/.c9/ $ then you can do: make hello and then run the program with ./hello

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