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How to convert a 'list' into an int

From the Hints section of the spec: If str is a SELECT, then execute returns a list of zero or more dict objects, inside of which are keys and values representing a table’s fields and cells, ...
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Prompt for integer > 2 and < 8 in C

This worked while (n > 8 || n < 2)
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How to find the length of a number

I took a copy of the number, and in a loop divided the copy by 10 until it was 0 (integer by integer division truncates the result, ignoring any fractional part, the result of such division is integer ...
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incompatible pointer to integer conversion

The problem is your declaration of name as an int. get_string tries to return a string (or char array). It can't store the string ( a char array )in an int. The second error is similar. Since name ...
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