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How was get_string() function written in C?

You can find the current cs50.c and cs50.h files in /usr/src/libcs50 in the IDE. Suggest running update50 to make sure that you have the most current versions as it does get updated from time to time. ...
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string name = get_string ("What is your name?\n"); This line needs to be inside the main function. It also needs to be before printf("hello, %s\n", name); this line, since you can'...
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How to get list of function signatures from header files

It is difficult to respond in a simple way, without going into great depths we can find very good documentation in man pages: We can find documentation of the standard head files by typing in the ...
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How to install SPL libraries on ubuntu?

Just for reference, the problem was that the OP installed Oracle's JDK manually, and the directories containing the JDK's programs were not on root's PATH. That's why sudo make install failed, when it ...
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