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There are several problems in the code. Most are the same issue - a lack of understanding of what free() does. Let's say that some code allocates memory to a pointer, and that memory is 'shared' like this: node *mynode = malloc(sizeof(node)); node *yournode = mynode; Both pointers will contain the same address, pointing at the same memory. Change the ...


I think I found the reason the program is unable to load. This line: FILE *file = fopen("dictionary", "r"); Should be: FILE *file = fopen(dictionary, "r");


The IDE isn't able to recognize the card.raw file as something that can be opened as any particular file type. When I double-click on it, the IDE hangs, as you experienced. My browser didn't crash (Firefox), it gave me a popup error message after it timed out. Yours may have actually crashed, I can't explain that. However, if you right click on the file ...

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