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Well, I sure do have an answer that complies to keyboards of the type shown in the image, if your's is similar, read forward. OR The Belgian AZERTY keyboard allows for the placing of accents on vowels without recourse to encoding via the Alt key + code. This is made possible by the provision of dead keys for each type of accent: ^ ¨ ´ ` (the last two being ...


As such, the Stanford Portable Library is under a GNU license, which makes it legal for us (or in fact, me) to redistribute it to you, or anyone else, as stated by the license: /*********************************************************************/ /* Stanford Portable Library / / Copyright (C) 2013 by Eric Roberts / / / / This program is free software: ...


As curiouskiwi helpfully said, you can change the keyboard settings in VMWare by clicking on 'VMWare Fusion' in the app, then 'Preferences', 'Keyboard and Mouse'. Then click on the drop down box, and choose "Edit Profiles". Click on 'Mac Profile' then the little cog icon and choose 'Make Default Profile'. This then allows you to use the mac keyboard as ...


If you follow the instructions here In step 5 you will download the appliance file from Its this appliance50-2014-vmware.ova file which you need to open in VMWare Fusion. If you are unsure of how to do this, instructions can be ...


We solved it setting in "Preferences" of VMware Fusion Mac Profile as default, and Italian as language in the Appliance, and modifying a code (taken from here) for putting <>\| in the right place. here's the modified code: xmodmap -e 'keycode 94=backslash bar' -e 'keycode 49=less greater' Thanks to @ChrisG for the help!


This is what i did to get this working on osx el capitan. (I already have a working cs50 library installed) you will need to install git first open a terminal and clone the spl git repo user@mbp:~/$ git clone user@mbp:~/$ cd spl user@mbp:~/spl$ make this will compile the libcs.a library and the spl.jar ...


Does this work?? [30 char limit blahhhh]


Fixed it by changing the adapter type. Thank you See Below.. I changed it to PC-net FAST III (NAT)

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