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CS50 Web Programming Mail Pset - DOM reloading on every form submission

forms have a default of submission, if not specified destination , then to the link from which the get request(meaning from location, from where form came) . so just do event.preventdefault
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CS50w 2020 project3: mail does not show new sent mail after sending

This is probably not relevant to you anymore, but I had the same bug, and stumbled upon this question when googling, so it might help other people with this bug. So you're calling load_mailbox('sent') ...
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CS50W - Mail - Python Timestamp Error?

So, this is what I might class a 'half answer'. I'm still not entirely sure why I was getting an error with the timestamp string being incorrectly formatted as the governing documentation for strftime ...
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CS50W - Mail - Python Timestamp Error?

I think it's because of how UNIX and Windows format their timestamps. From The Python docs contain all the format codes that the C standard (1989 version) requires, and these ...
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CS50W - Mail - Python Timestamp Error?

I had that problem too! well I don't know why but in Windows I got same error but in Mac OS it runs without any problem... You can fix it by replacing timestamp line with: "timestamp": self....

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