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As such, the Stanford Portable Library is under a GNU license, which makes it legal for us (or in fact, me) to redistribute it to you, or anyone else, as stated by the license: /*********************************************************************/ /* Stanford Portable Library / / Copyright (C) 2013 by Eric Roberts / / / / This program is free software: ...


My appliance is stored in /Documents/Virtual Machines (I expect that was the default when I installed VMWare Fusion.) If it's not there, use Finder and search for kind: vmware and it should show you the appliance file. You should be able to simply drag it to the trash.


This is what i did to get this working on osx el capitan. (I already have a working cs50 library installed) you will need to install git first open a terminal and clone the spl git repo user@mbp:~/$ git clone user@mbp:~/$ cd spl user@mbp:~/spl$ make this will compile the libcs.a library and the spl.jar ...


Does this work?? [30 char limit blahhhh]

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