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Pset7 Can't Print How Much Cash a User has?

To solve this issue, you need 2 variables. Let's call them $userinfo and $cash. First use query() to get cash value from the row with the id that is contained in $_SESSION. Then use this line of code ...
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Pset7 Table HTML and CSS formatting

The render() function takes two arguments, the first is a string that indicates the name of the template, and the second is an array of key-value pairs. In this case "positions" is a string that ...
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PSET7: Extracting strings from queries with PHP

You have answered yourself: Is it because the rows themselves are associative arrays, and so I can never actually extract a single value? If that's the case, how would I just pass one variable ...
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illegal string offset error in portfolio

Each time you do this $positions[] = ["price" =>number_format($positions["price"],2,'.',',')]; there is a row added to the $positions array that does not have "name", "shares" or "symbol". Ditto ...
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My cash won't display in my porfolio

Ok, so I will answer my own question. What query does is make an array of arrays of sorts. So when you do: <?php print_r($cash) ?> You will get a output of all the 'things' in your array. The ...
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