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The error means a path that does not take the if branch or the else branch will not return a boolean, since the returns are embedded in those blocks. Think about this comment //if input name does not match with any name . What the program is doing is //if input name does not match this name . If program returns on the first non-matching name, it will not ...


Try an election with 3 candidates, A B C, and 6 voters, with the result A 3, B 1, C 2. The self-evident winner is A with 3 votes. The first print_winner function will return C. On the first iteration of i, winner_votes will be 3. However, on the second iteration, where i equals 1, it will only compare B to C, and winner_votes will be 2. Since the inner (j) ...


Have you compiled the program locally? The compiler should complain about this strlen(champions) because champions is declared an int array here int champions[pair_count]

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