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pset 7, quote: quote.php doesn't render second view

This program only ever executes the first two lines (require.. render..). Once you're in, you're out, back to quoteView1.php. Don't you need to call quoteView1.php conditionally? This program only ...
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Undefined variable in veiws/quote.php

Declaring an array variable in php may not be necessary but it won't hurt. If you look at the error message you're getting, you'll see the error is occurring on line 8 of quote.php. That's where you ...
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Pset 7, quote.php refreshing the page

There is at least one more thing that you did not try :). This program will unconditionally go to quote_form.php. After it executes the require, it is rendering quote_form.php. It never reaches the if ...
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Pset 7 Double Question--Jpegs and "Undefined Index" for quote.php

@user1298: Glad you fixed the typo. Now to determine why your JPEG image is not displaying, open a Terminal and execute the following command: ls -l ~/workspace/pset7/public/img/ You should see ...
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