Although the shorts are still sufficient for the course needs, the recommended readings address these topics probably in more details and cover more things than the shorts, but the shorts are more to the point (regarding the problems, week topics or "scoring aim" of the course) than the readings. I didn't go through "all" the shorts and the readings (I ...


A good way to check to answer your question is to check out a sample pdf link at this address: http://ptgmedia.pearsoncmg.com/images/9780321842688/samplepages/0321842685.pdf


Is the Hacker's Delight book worth having? I have not read the book, but if your goal is indeed to "learn as much as possible", it's probably worth having. I'm sure you can learn something from it. How can I use it to be a better coder within CS50? Or is it something I should read after I complete CS50? The syllabus lists Hacker's Delight under ...

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